Ethics and social responsibilities

At REINERTSEN we are concerned with our appearance and behavior as coworkers and leaders. REINERTSEN shall have a business culture recognized by openness, trust, honesty, integrity and respect. REINERTSEN's employees shall act and behave ethically appropriate towards the surroundings and the society. Including an understanding of that REINERTSEN is an important social actor that considers its surroundings during business activities.

The rules of business ethics

It is important to maintain a high ethical standard in all our activities, regardless of location, function or occasion. REINERTSEN has established a set of ethical rules that underpins our business culture, ensuring that all employees at REINERTSEN work in accordance with the same values.

The rules are an integral part of REINERTSEN's management system and valid for all employees on engagement, and everyone that acts on behalf of REINERTSEN in any division. As a supplement to the rules of business ethics, REINERTSEN has also created a guidance document with examples of common dilemmas. The rules of business ethics are formed on the basis of REINERTSEN's core values:

  • Ambitious: In REINERTSEN, we always challenge ourselves to go further. Combining curiosity and creativity help us find new and better solutions for our clients. Continuous development is our key to success. Progress inspires every one of us to seek to deliver the best solutions, at agreed cost and schedule, every day.
  • Competent: We are engineers and specialists with a high level of competence and wide experience. We work in multidiscipline teams throughout the value chain. The interplay of competencies strenghtens our competitiveness, and provifes a good basis for innovative and costeffective solutions, generating added value for our clients.
  • Drive: REINERTSEN is a familiy-owned business which allows for quick decision-making as well as a longterm and strategic approach to value creation. The flexibility of our organization creates a drive for improvement, and a drive to seize new market opportunities.
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