REINERTSEN Tjeldbergodden

REINERTSEN's office at Tjeldbergodden is located at Tennhaugen industrial area, near by country road 680, and approxiamate 1 km in distance to the Methanol factory owned by Statoil.
Our business related to Tjeldbergodden is based on long therm agreement signed in 2005 between REINERTSEN and Statoil. The contract encompasses approximately 120.000 man hours per year within project management, engineering, maintenance and modification. Our services covers disciplines as mechanical, insulation, scaffolding, surface treatment, electrical and automation.

REINERSTENs establishments at Tjeldbergodden includes administration facilities, pre-fabrication workshop for piping and mechanical fabrication in addition to storage facilities to take care of spare parts and equipment related to our business.

Facility capacities: 
Administration: up to 20 employees
Workshop: 300 square meters

Contact us:
Telephone: +47 815 52 100
Telefax: +47 71 64 86 01

Tennhaugen industriområde
6699 Kjørsvikbugen
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